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Which is better sod or grass seeds?

We break down why you should choose to install sod over grass seeds for your property.

  • Sod can be installed year-round, even on frozen ground. Although seeding is possible in the spring, it should be done in the fall and is not recommended at all for summer or winter.

  • Compared to seeding or hydroseeding, sod requires the least amount of water.

  • Typically, the seed quality is higher in sod than in retail seed.

  • Weed control is minimal as sod is not subject to the weed invasions new seedings must battle.

  • Coverage using seed can be spotty due to seed varieties, washouts, traffic, feeding birds and rodents, as well as other factors—uniformity of coverage using mature sod would be 100%.

  • Sod is capable of handling heavy rains without damage—seed has little protection and will wash away.

  • When seeding is complete, the area appears rough with open soil—sod provides the immediate beauty of a mature landscape.

  • Traffic should be kept at a minimum on the newly sodded area for 2-3 weeks—seeded areas require low traffic for 2-4 months.

  • Although seeding is initially cheaper, the cost of sodding is quickly offset by the reduced maintenance, visual appeal as well as smaller water and overseeding costs. It can also be enjoyed much sooner.

The Advantages to Installing Sod

  • Increased curb appeal

Well-maintained lawns can increase the value of your property by 15 – 20%.


  • Greater oxygen production

Just 55 square feet of sod can provide enough oxygen for one person for an entire day.


  • Cooling effects

Sod is a natural air conditioner. On a hot summer day, you’ll feel much more comfortable standing on sod than on scorching pavement.


  • Erosion protection

Sod protects your property’s soil from erosion caused by wind and water.


  • Water conservation

You’ll use less water to establish a newly sodded area compared to a newly seeded area.

Trust the Experts

What’s more appealing than looking at the healthy green grass on your lawn? Contact Brayford Sod Farms to purchase high-quality sod. We serve clients across southern, northern and central Ontario.

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