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Why choose sod?
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A selection of our sod and grass products, including our new line of bulk bag products
A selection of our sod and grass products, including our new line of bulk bag products

High-quality Sod Rolls in Barrie for Landscaping Companies

Family-owned and operated since 1974, Brayford Sod Farms is based in Alliston. We supply high-quality sod rolls in Barrie along with other products such as seeds, fertilizers, topsoil, and more.


With our knowledge and experience accumulated over 48 years, our team remains ever-committed to assisting you with your requirements in the most efficient and timely manner. We only offer top-quality products and never compromise the quality of our harvest. The experts on our team are lifelong learners and constantly incorporate new seed varieties, fertilizer blends, and farming techniques to produce better sod than before each time. With our knowledge of superior growing and maintenance techniques, you can rest assured your lawn will look as lush as ever all through the year. Contact us to discuss your project with us today!



We have incorporated years of knowledge and experience to develop a customized blend of pure and certified #1 Kentucky Bluegrass. We continue to grow this blend of Kentucky Bluegrass over other blends because:

  • It is more drought and disease tolerant.

  • It has proven to be most suitable for the climate and conditions in Ontario.

  • It has the unique ability to spread and fill in without the need for overseeding.


Other grasses, like rye and fescue, require constant overseeding to achieve the same results. Have a look at our testimonials and give us a call to get a free quote on the sod rolls required for your landscaping project in Barrie.


Our Bulk Bag Products

​We supply the following products in bulk bags:

  • Topsoil: We have high-quality topsoil bags available for residential and commercial landscaping.

  • Triple mix: Our premium triple mix allows you to rejuvenate poor soil conditions with a perfect mix of topsoil, compost, and peat.

  • Mulch (natural, red, black): With our variety of mulch, you can regulate the temperature of the soil, decrease weed growth and retain the moisture of the soil.

  • River rock: Add to the aesthetics of your landscape and prevent erosion with our hand-picked river rocks.

  • Limestone: This can be used for driveways or walkways and has many other construction applications.



  • We offer a variety of grass seeds to suit your budget and application.



  • Our fertilizer is custom blended with slow-release nitrogen which continues to feed your lawn until your next scheduled application.


Sod Staples

  • These are recommended for securing sod to the soil on steep slopes.


We also carry other helpful products.


Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you have about any of our products.


When Is Sod Available?

We usually start selling sod when the warmth of the spring sets in. Our supplies are ready by 11 a.m. unless we are unable to harvest it before because of moisture or wetness. We usually avoid stocking too much more than we’re sure we can sell. You can browse through some helpful tips about installing and maintaining sod. Please call Brayford Sod Farms for more information; we will be happy to help you!  

What Are the Advantages of Using Sod

Installing a sod lawn has many advantages over other alternatives like seeds, springing, or plugging such as:

  • Instant results


Seed can take up a full growing season to become strong enough to withstand foot traffic leaving your lawn looking bare and unattractive for 18 months or more. Sod roots can be ready to handle foot traffic within two to three weeks of planting.

  • Flexibility


There is a longer window of time when it comes to laying down sod. Though it is best to avoid placing sod in extreme cold and hot temperatures, you have much more flexibility to sow it during the year as compared to seed.

  • Prevents soil erosion


If soil erosion is a serious concern for your lush lawn, sod can act like a blanket with its established roots and help to keep the soil in place from the start.

  • Good for slopes and hills


Difficult areas like steep hills and slopes are best covered with sod as opposed to seed. It acts as a stabilizer to create the lush lawn you want, even in such challenging areas.

  • Prevents weeds


Though there is no guarantee, the chances of pesky weeds infiltrating your lawn are considerably decreased with professionally and carefully installed sod.

Though sod can be drastically more expensive than seed and have fewer options in terms of variety, the results are far superior and last longer. Get in touch with us for all your lawn and landscaping needs in Barrie.

Why Choose Our Products

We offer a wide variety of high-quality products, including sod. Our products are specially prepared for the use of landscaping companies, and we have been providing the best products to customers in Barrie and the surrounding area. Over the past four decades, we’ve been harvesting sod using our special blend of seeds, resulting in lush green turf with high resistance. Our other products include premium quality seeds, fertilizers, sod staples, topsoil, triple mix, and more. All our products are made keeping our customers’ needs in mind and are known to bring excellent results for all your needs. Regardless of what your budget or preferences are, we have the right sod products to fit your requirements. Contact us today for more information, or browse our photo gallery.



You can also check our client’s testimonials to know what our customers think about our products.


Free Quote

We offer free quotes for high-quality sod in Barrie and many other seeding and sodding products. Learn more about why you need first-grade sod for your landscapes.

Pick Up and Delivery

We can have our sod rolls delivered to your doorstep in Barrie.

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